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QL Company :QL 55W Induction Lighting System

The QL induction lamps are ideal for decorative street lighting, bridges and tunnels, hazardous areas, freezers and hard-to-reach applications. Available in the colors 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K to match any color requirement. The QL induction system is dimmable and the lamps have no color shift during life. The QL Lamp contains a fluorescent phosphor coating and emits a crisp white induction light. The high reliable system operates in hot and cold environments with instant (re-)start. The low-pressure induction discharge lamp is driven by the Power Coupler's antenna. The Power Coupler, driven by the generator, is located in the center of the lamp to initiate and maintain a low pressure discharge by a high frequency electromagnetic field.


QL Company :QL 55W Induction Lighting System

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