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Mymesh Management System (MMS)


Management Software 

The Mymesh Management System (MMS) is designed to easily check, monitor, analyse and control your lighting network’s data at all times. It functions as a portal to manage your building /area data in the easiest and most effective way possible. 

Connecting the network

Although Mymesh is capable of controlling thousands of lights within an autonomous network, it was build to be much more intelligent. A Mymesh gateway allows the user to connect his/her network to our web-based dashboard via a heavily encrypted and unbreachable data stream. Simply connect the gateway to an ethernet cable and drag its icon in a room within the Mymesh App. 

When data starts to tell a story

As Mymesh network consists of thousands of lights hence sensors. These generate an enormous amount of information about a business, property and its occupants. Having many sensors in a building greatly increases the sensor density of a network, determining the detail of the visual building ‘story’. These analyses can greatly reduce costs and increase effectivity as it leads to data-based management. 

Make your building ready for tomorrow

With smart lighting, your building becomes adaptive to new technological possibilities and changing trends. MMS is the gateway to having such an adaptive system. With every version update new features are added to the ecosystem.


Mymesh Management System (MMS) Mymesh Management System (MMS)

MMS is web-based and fully responsive.
This allows the user to analyse, monitor and control the network using the device of his/her liking. The key features are:

  • User administration
    Admin can assign, delete and change authorisations for all users of the building.
  • Remote Support
    User can enable remote support from the constructor, distributor or Chess. 
  • Detailed reports
    Mymesh Management System can provide the capability to download extensive reports in various formats. 


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