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Mymesh TriSensor BLC.5006.001


Smart Building MultiSensor

The Mymesh Trisensor is a product in the Chess program for building light control. The Trisensor is a wireless sensor for smart building applications supporting measurement of the room temperature, relative humidity, occupancy (number of persons), light level, motion detection and Bluetooth beaconing for location based services. The available sensors allow usage for wireless light and HVAC applications in e.g. climate ceilings. The Trisensor is powered by a mains voltage connection.  


Mymesh TriSensor BLC.5006.001

Easy Installation

The TriSensor fits perfectly flush mount in a rectangular hole of 42mm x 82mm. The raised edge is 0.8mm to lock the Tri-Sensor in the rectangular hole. The luminaire spring clip holds the Tri-Sensor in place. The Tri-Sensor has no brackets and is fully integrated in the luminaire.


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